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Brittanie Left
Brittanie Walten 2008
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Brittanie Right

Monster Halloween Rap© was Featured
on The Young & The Restless

Scared Cat
- Halloween 2008 -
The ghosts and ghouls do "hip hop" "country", "pop" and "rock" songs this Halloween. Boris & Dracula lay down their raps and beautiful Brittanie busts out her creepy chorus on MONSTER HALLOWEEN RAP©. This song was featured on The Young & The Restless on October 29th and 30th!
A haunted band of cowboys perform HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HOEDOWN©, and lovely Erika belts out her new pop/rock single, SPIDERS©.
Scared Cat

Song Title
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Spiders (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
Monster Halloween Rap (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
Haunted Halloween Hoedown (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
Spiders (Rock ReMix) (G. Simons / L. Cameron)

Erika Davidson - Erika Davidson -
Erika is Lane Gordon Records' newest singing sensation. Erika does the marvelous vocals on the new Simons & Cameron Halloween song "Spiders" and is working on other projects with the recording group.
Click Here - Spiders VideoNew Video Click button on the left to see the new Simons & Cameron video for "Spiders",
starring Erika.
Erika is also a fantastic songwriter with her own CD due out soon.
Click below to visit her MySpace webpage:

Holly Left
- Christmas 2008 -
Brittanie's Christmas songs: Everywhere Is Christmas, Peace On Earth and her new version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, were played on many radio stations last holiday season! The exciting singer has new original Christmas songs and great new versions of timeless holiday classics due out this Christmas. Happy Holiday from Brittanie.
Holly Right

Song Title
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1. Finally Free (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
2. Every Rose Has It's Thorn (B. Dall, C.C. Deville, B. Michaels, R. Rocket)
3. Welcome You (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
4. Imagine (J. Lennon)
5. Sad Song (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
6. Everywhere is Christmas (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
7. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (J. Coots / H. Gillespie)
8. Silent Night (J. Mohr / F. Gruber)
9. Peace on Earth (G. Simons / L. Cameron)
10. Do You Hear What I Hear (G. Shayne / N. Regney)

You can find Simons & Cameron at iTunes and AmazonMP3.
  Brittanie Walten Portrait
Brittanie Walten is a beautiful, young recording artist from the Reno music market. One local DJ called her Reno's rising new star. Her holiday songs played on many radio stations last Halloween and Christmas. She also has brand new singles for 2008: "Sad Song," "Finally Free," and "Welcome You." She is now busy in the studio preparing other new releases. Currently, Simons & Cameron (featuring Brittanie) are seeking to align themselves with a major Record Label. For information, please call: (775) 324-4300

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