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Halloween and Christmas Songs!
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Y&R Simons & Cameron song
featured on

The Young & The Restless

Brittanie Left
Brittanie Walten Title
Brittanie Walten is Simons & Cameron's exciting singing sensation. Her holiday songs played on radio stations across the country last Halloween and Christmas, and the beautiful recording artist has many new singles due out soon. Listen for her 'MONSTER HALLOWEEN RAP'!
Brittanie Right
The Simons & Cameron hip-hop Halloween Song (featuring Brittanie) MONSTER HALLOWEEN RAP, was played on the popular daytime soap opera The Young & the Restless
on October 29th and 30th on CBS.

Also, MONSTER HALLOWEEN RAP was heard around the world on the Famous
Dr. Demento Show this October.    Click Here to Play Clip
Lane Gordon Records introduces Erika Davidson
Erika Davidson is Simons & Cameron's newest singer. Erika does the great vocals
on the new Halloween Song, SPIDERS. The music video for the song is on the ABC syndicated program: The Zombo Show.
Click Here - Spiders VideoNew Video Click button on the left to see the new Simons & Cameron video for "Spiders", starring Erika.
Click below to find out more about Brittanie Walten and Erika Davidson - and to hear their music, including their brand new Halloween Songs; Monster Halloween Rap, Spiders and Haunted Halloween Hoedown.
Click Here - Halloween 2008
Christmas Highlights

The Young & The Restless

Simons & Cameron
Song Featured on
The Young & The Restless

NEW YORK -- The Simons & Cameron song, MONSTER HALLOWEEN RAP, was played on the number one daytime soap opera in America, The Young & The Restless. The song, which was heard two consecutive days during a Halloween Party scene, features Brittanie Walten on vocals and Gordon Simons as Boris & Dracula. The Young & The Restless is on hundreds of CBS Affiliates and viewed by over
4 million people!

Rachel Eamigh
Lane Gordon Record Company
Recording Artist

*** Rachel Eamigh ***

NEW YORK -- Rachel Eamigh, lead singer of the Simons and Cameron Band, was interviewed by Jim Taylor of CBS in New York about her new Christmas CD: PEACE ON EARTH. These holiday songs have received coast to coast airplay, and international attention.

Taylor told thirteen-year-old Rachel that everyone at CBS loved her songs and that he wanted her autograph. They spoke for several minutes about her songs and also her dreams about becoming a singing star.

The Dr Demento Show
HOLLYWOOD -- The Simons and Cameron creepy, crazy Christmas single: "A Very Scary Merry Christmas" and the Halloween Song "Monster Halloween Rap", are played on the world famous DR. DEMENTO SHOW during the Holiday season. These weird and wacky singles are from the original musical screen-play soundtrack ( Click below to listen to the live recordings of these songs on the Dr. Demento Show:
Dr. Demento Show - Clip #1
Dr. Demento Show - Clip #2

NASHVILLE -- The Simons and Cameron Christmas single: Cut the Fat, Santa was nationally syndicated on the radio show: "RW's Fireside Christmas", hosted by RW Marshall (Dec 18th through Dec 25th). This song is also part of the Fireside Christmas "Greatest Hits" CD. Click below to listen to recordings of the live show:
RW's Fireside Christmas - Clip #1

RENO -- Rachel and her songs, 'Toys Are Better Than Boys' and 'Cut the Fat, Santa', were spotlighted on the Bill Manders radio show on KOH 780. Manders compared Rachel to a young Alyssa Milano. Click either of the below links to listen to recordings of the live show:
KOH 780 / Bill Manders Show - Clip #1
KOH 780 / Bill Manders Show - Clip #2

The Mad Music Show
"A Very Scary Merry Christmas" is part of the MAD MUSIC ARCHIVE. Cap'n Wayne's MAD MUSIC SHOW is heard around the world.

Simons & Cameron Radio Stations World Wide
Simons & Cameron's Christmas and Halloween Songs have been heard across the nation, and around the world on hundreds of radio stations. You can find out details about 2008 here at the group's website.

Mark & Brian - KLOS 95.5

LOS ANGELES -- Gordon Simons won the Mark and Brian Comedy Contest on KLOS Radio in Los Angeles with his original song: LUCKY BUTT. It is about "Intern" Robert and how his cute butt brought luck to Southern California sports teams. First prize was $5,000.00!



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Stay tuned to the website for future developments, the upcoming "Brittanie & Rachel" fanclub page, and brand new samples (Please listen to our musical samples below.)

- Peace On Earth© -

Hear a sample of: Cut the Fat, Santa!

Christmas songs by the Simons & Cameron Recording Group, featuring 12-year-old singer: Rachel Eamigh (pronounced "Amy")

All songs licensed by BMI.

Song Title
Click for Sample
1. Everywhere is Christmas (Simons/Cameron)
2. Toys Are Better Than Boys (Simons/Cameron)
3. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Coots/Gillespie)
4. Happy Holiday (Simons/Cameron)
5. Peace on Earth (Simons/Cameron)
6. Do You Hear? (Traditional) (Shayne/Regney)
7. Cut the Fat, Santa (Simons/Cameron)
8. Silent Night (Traditional) (Mohr/Gruber)
9. Everywhere is Christmas (Instrumental) (Simons/Cameron)

- A Very Scary Merry Christmas© Project -
From the musical screenplay soundtrack.

1. A Very Scary Merry Christmas (Simons/Cameron)
2. Haunted Holiday (Simons/Cameron)
3. Dead Cowboys Love Christmas Too (Simons/Cameron)
4. Do Your Fear What I Fear? (Simons/Cameron)
5. Rock Christmas! (Simons/Cameron)
6. God Rest Ye Merry Monsters (Instrumental) (Simons/Cameron)
7. Haunted Halloween Hoedown (Simons/Cameron)

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